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Alvah Bushnell Co.

Alvah Bushnell Company is celebrating manufacturing
accordion file pockets and portfolios for the legal industry since 1876.
Many of our products were invented by Alvah Bushnell himself. My Great
Great Great Grandfather knew that law firms had special needs. Unlike
most offices who work out of the file drawers, lawyers transport
their papers from their office to clients and court. They needed
portability and durability that was not necessary for other
industries. The other critical need was service. Deadlines had
to be met and one could not wait on filing materials. Lastly,
record managers have many bosses to please and they could
not take the chance of disappointing even one of the partners.
They needed a dependable company that they could trust.

Armed with this knowledge, Alvah found his niche. We supply over
4,000 law firms, some of whom have been with us for over 100
years. Our mission is still to provide the best product and service
to the legal industry.

With product being produced in China now, our competitors
have finally found a way to drive prices down. However,
we are committed to continue manufacturing here in
Philadelphia because our employees need us to support
them as they have supported us for so many years.
The United States is losing all their manufacturing
business and is becoming productless. We feel that
this can not be allowed to happen. Long term, it is
essential for the economy. We ask you to help
support American made products whenever possible.

Rick Bushnell
Fifth Generation